Experiencing The Outer Space That Was Built For You


Photo credit: Instagram

Science has always been an integral part of human society and continues to be the foundation of progress. And while, for centuries, it has been associated with stereotypical nerdy white men (think Bill Nye or Ben Stein), that isn’t the case anymore. “Hidden Figures”, for example, dismantles this image by showcasing the revolutionary African American women who contributed to placing man on the moon–a historic triumph for the human race. Even more heart-warming is that the box-office-hit film was co-produced by Pharrell Williams who utilized his love affair with science to contribute to this important story. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Drake is currently performing in front giant projections of Pluto and Mars. Both artists bring forth a fresh perspective on science to a new audience–something that we desperately needed for a long time–and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

Right on cue, a rocket took off on the runway at Chanel’s Fall 2017 show in Paris earlier this week. Its theatrical launch during the finale, which included models standing around its perimeter singing “Rocket Man” by Elton John, stole the show. The production was perfect for a space-inspired collection that includes astronaut print blouses, metallic shawls and spacecraft purses.

Pharrell, who attended the show, tweeted an image of the rocket thanking Karl Lagerfeld:

Just a few weeks before that, LEGO announced a figurines set honoring female pioneers of NASA including Katherine Johnson who is portrayed in “Hidden Figures.” According to Fortune Magazine, science editor Maia Weinstock pitched the idea to LEGO’s ideas page, enabling fans to submit ideas for LEGO sets, and won. Images of the toys have since gone viral.

Lego_womenofNASA_1Photo credit: LEGO

All the while, Drake has been running full laps around planets performing classic tunes from “Child’s Play” to “Jumpman” on stages in Europe for his Boy Meets World Tour. The intergalactic stage design for each show is truly a unique choice for a rap performance.


With cultural icons such as these celebrating science through different lenses comes an opportunity for the young, tech-savvy and aesthetically driven to embrace it through different mediums outside of cable documentaries and class lectures. Buying collectibles to decorate your shoe display or seeing your favorite musician’s mind-blowing concert set is way more interesting than sitting in front a TV for three hours. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has even joined the fun with a popular twitter account that is enlightening, sarcastic and humorous all at once. How the hell else would we know important things like the star you wished upon was really planet Venus? (Bissssshhhhhhhhh). All that’s missing is something a bit more from science’s big companies, NASA and SpaceX, to compliment their social content of striking images and videos that highlight the universe’s beauty. It’s very much appreciate but umm…where the pop-up at?


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