The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses


Disclaimer, if you’re a prude then simply fall back from this post. Wait, actually don’t because there’s something in it for everyone. So here it goes.

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece (scroll down to read) about one of my favorite online personalities who transitioned from adult entertainer to singer. In that piece, I touched on how porn actresses are the black sheep of society despite being the go-to people that men–and many women–depend on for rated-r entertainment. I mean really, the difference between us and them is that they’re getting paid to fulfill urges on a film set while we’re doing it for free…in the crib…or in a hotel jacuzzi…no judgements though. Do you know how much confidence that takes though? A whole damn lot. After watching some candid interviews with some of the most popular actresses over the past five years, I’ve learned that their profession is not just about being horny and looking to make a quick buck. It takes hard work, mental discipline and thick skin. Pun not intended. Put simply, there’s so much that goes into it that the average consumer doesn’t even realize. We could all use some advice from these fearless ladies, who dedicate their lives to the sexual olympics, for the real world to be confident. With confidence we can pursue everything we desire.

This leads me to my first point, or key number one, I learned which is to be unapologetic about the path you chose in life:


1. “We are choosing to do this. I think that a lot of people like to think that pornographers, especially women in porn, are like these poor little misguided–we don’t know anything and we don’t know better. You can’t judge an entire industry by a few people… stereotypes exist for a reason. That’s like saying the same as, I don’t know, getting into racial stereotypes or whatever. Not all porn girls are crazy drug addicts that don’t know better. Some of the strongest and smartest women that I’ve ever met have been in porn and I think that we would know more about what’s safe for us.” – Skin Diamond

In another interview, veteran Asa Akira, who has been in the adult entertainment business for over five years, laughed off an awkward incident which she revealed in her autobiography, Insatiable: Porn A Love Story. This bring me to key number two which is to poke fun at yourself sometimes:


2. “So I was having anal sex in this scene and all of a sudden the director yells ‘cut!’ He’s like ‘oh, I think your ass is bleeding.’ and I look down and there’s not just a little blood but like a pool of blood under me. So I thought I was internally bleeding because when your asshole rips, you don’t bleed that much… but there was like, a pool. So I ran to the bathroom and I was looking at my asshole and at that point I had been getting f***ed for a while so it was gaping. And, I pulled it apart I’m looking in the mirror, I can see inside my asshole but’s it’s like not bleeding at all; it looks perfectly healthy. So, I’m like what is going on? So they clean it up while I’m in the bathroom and I go back to set and I’m like I think I’m okay so we continue… they’re like ‘what did you eat last night?’ And then, I remembered that I had a beet salad… and beets turn your ass juice red and at that point I wished it was blood because that’s less embarrassing.” – Asa Akira

Relatively new girl on the scene, Katrina Jade, gave some advice to women who want to follow her path in an interview earlier this year. The jist of it was to simply do intensive research before getting involved in such industry. Moral of her story for everyone in general? To always do your homework and don’t let anyone boss you around:


3. “Definitely do your research. Don’t think that anybody whose mean to you is a dom cuz anybody can just throw words around and be mean to you and spank you but that doesn’t mean they’re a dom…especially with girls who are submissive. Definitely do your research first because your dom always takes care of you. That’s number one because a lot of girls get taken advantage of by f****ng crazy sadists that aren’t nice… and make sure, especially with S&M, that you read a lot on ropes, where your nerves are, where’s not okay, what’s good, what’s dangerous and everything.” – Katrina Jade

So there you have it, three valuable gems to kick start your next chess move. Now you can go forth into the world with this golden advice and kick some ass.


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