How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever


Photo credit: FENTYLOOK

Fenty Beauty is important. Very important. And, this is not a bias statement because I’m a die-hard fan of the Bajan queen herself. I say this because her new collection embodies inclusivity and cultural diversity which will impact the beauty industry forever. I mean, here’s Rihanna, a mega pop-star using her influence to create change in the world of makeup–a world that typically ignores women who come in a variety of rich skin tones–by making something of quality for everyone to enjoy. It’s especially a triumph for Black and brown women who are often offered a tiny selection, if any, of products to use. Although there’s been years of protest about this issue, barely any strides have been made to improve it.Well, there’s allegedly been steps by other commercial brands to provide beauty items for a wider variety of shades but their progress couldn’t be any slower. Meanwhile, women of color have used what’s available to them to make shit work–And slay while doing so. As a result, we’ve carved out a community specifically for melanated sisters to share tips, tricks, looks, and reviews as well as air grievances that we face when shopping for makeup. The faces of this community including vloggers, writers, MUAs and plain enthusiasts of face paint continuously set trends and influence the beauty world only to be left out of the conversation when products are being made.

fentybeautyBut again, here’s Rihanna–a wealthy celebrity, a millennial, a West Indian, an immigrant, and most importantly a Black woman, stepping up to the plate and saying “Hey, I want to change this.” That’s the best part of Fenty Beauty; it was created with love, purpose and a mission when too many cosmetic brands just throw in a few items to make their customers “happy” instead of making the effort to be considerate of the women they’ve neglected for so long. Who the hell wants your ashy ass foundation?
There are so many young girls, fashion lovers, industry taste-makers, artists, experts and every-day women that look to Rihanna for everything fashion and beauty related. So much so, that she’s set global trends for nearly ten years. This means millions of girls and women from all ages and backgrounds are watching her and are devoted to her brand. Fenty Beauty is no exception, for the launch and even the days leading up to it was filled with massive excitement. When the official video campaign dropped online featuring models of different ethnicities from Asian to African strutting in the line’s gorgeous makeup, the internet broke. It was amazing!


The effect? A wave of big companies will definitely follow suit very soon which is such a great thing. If only they gave a fuck before. Now little Majesty, who was backstage at her cousin’s Sephora takeover on Thursday night can thank her older cousin for showing her that girls like her are princesses worthy of choices. That’s putting authority to good use.


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