Experiencing The Outer Space That Was Built For You


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Science has always been an integral part of human society and continues to be the foundation of progress. And while, for centuries, it has been associated with stereotypical nerdy white men (think Bill Nye or Ben Stein), that isn’t the case anymore. “Hidden Figures”, for example, dismantles this image by showcasing the revolutionary African American women who contributed to placing man on the moon–a historic triumph for the human race. Even more heart-warming is that the box-office-hit film was co-produced by Pharrell Williams who utilized his love affair with science to contribute to this important story. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Drake is currently performing in front giant projections of Pluto and Mars. Both artists bring forth a fresh perspective on science to a new audience–something that we desperately needed for a long time–and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Continue reading “Experiencing The Outer Space That Was Built For You”


Rebelling Against Labels Through Art


By guest contributor, Nyanza D

The seemingly endless amount of labels that society forces upon an individual is extremely taxing on the soul. These labels invoke a sense of confusion that’s hard to shake once a person has fallen victim to the imaginary rulebook they come with. But, there’s a silver lining in all this. The good shit also known as art, which has historically been used as a form of protest, is then born. What would our world be without it? A few simple terms can be used to describe such thing: boring, yawn, wack, dry, a drag, a dub–you get the picture. A digital artist who enjoys challenging those societal labels shares how they empower her to simply keep creating.
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A Whole New World: Six Songs You’ve Never Heard Of Yet


The world is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to hear all the amazing music that comes out of every continent. Even worse, is that we’ll all go to the grave without hearing a beautiful and exotic rendition of trap beats from a faraway land. WAAAAAH! Although the internet is at our disposal to discover these sounds that can become heavily rotated gems, it’s still difficult to keep up. Many don’t even know where the hell to begin, but don’t fret because I’m here to offer a head start. From Iran all the way to Japan, here are six dope ass songs you never heard of–and you need to add to your weekly playlist. Continue reading “A Whole New World: Six Songs You’ve Never Heard Of Yet”

Virtual Reality: The New Wave of Content


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Originally written in 2015.

The New York Times’ Virtual Reality  series is a watershed moment in journalism for various reasons. The first, is that it gives news consumers a first-hand account of an important event. This is ground-breaking because we are now able to be “present” while news is being reported without actually being there. Continue reading “Virtual Reality: The New Wave of Content”

Surviving New Yawk City As A PR Girl


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By guest contributor, Julia Meyer

Famously known as the city that never sleeps, New York City is home to bustling communities of professionals in the fashion, finance, arts and, recently, tech industries among others. Naturally, it’s the go-to place for all things chic and fast-paced which is very captivating yet, at the same time, can become exhausting as hell. There’s no such thing as a regular day in the big apple, for every waking moment is filled with suspense and surprise. But, as the saying goes, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere (ya heard?!). So, exactly what does getting through the day entail? Allow a twenty-something from the outer boroughs with a job in one of the most coveted fields to show you the ropes.   Continue reading “Surviving New Yawk City As A PR Girl”

How Artists Of Caribbean Heritage Are Shifting Popular Culture


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It’s no secret that the Caribbean influence has been around for quite some time now. These past few years in particular, it appears as clear as day as widespread fascination with West Indian sights and sounds have been magnified to the tenth power. This is due to global superstars of said heritage or experience who seamlessly weave it into their music and visuals, ultimately leaving an impact on popular culture. As a result, they’ve created an undeniable shift that continues to expand.  Continue reading “How Artists Of Caribbean Heritage Are Shifting Popular Culture”