How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever


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Fenty Beauty is important. Very important. And, this is not a bias statement because I’m a die-hard fan of the Bajan queen herself. I say this because her new collection embodies inclusivity and cultural diversity which will impact the beauty industry forever. I mean, here’s Rihanna, a mega pop-star using her influence to create change in the world of makeup–a world that typically ignores women who come in a variety of rich skin tones–by making something of quality for everyone to enjoy. It’s especially a triumph for Black and brown women who are often offered a tiny selection, if any, of products to use. Although there’s been years of protest about this issue, barely any strides have been made to improve it. Continue reading “How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever”


How Artists Of Caribbean Heritage Are Shifting Popular Culture


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It’s no secret that the Caribbean influence has been around for quite some time now. These past few years in particular, it appears as clear as day as widespread fascination with West Indian sights and sounds have been magnified to the tenth power. This is due to global superstars of said heritage or experience who seamlessly weave it into their music and visuals, ultimately leaving an impact on popular culture. As a result, they’ve created an undeniable shift that continues to expand.  Continue reading “How Artists Of Caribbean Heritage Are Shifting Popular Culture”

Kylie Jenner And The Art Of Narcissim


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Whether you like it or not, Kylie Jenner is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to self-promotion. Taking up after her Kardashian siblings, especially Kim, she consistently takes her brand to the next level. What brand you ask? Why, the entity that is simply “Kylie” of course–a brand that literally revolves around the 19-year-old reality star. From creating a hit self-titled lip gloss line to a full-blown cosmetics selection and then launching a clothing store of complimentary merch, Jenner has mastered the art of narcissism. I mean, shorty has a collection of t-shirts with her own portraits on them for sale. Let’s talk about this, shall we?

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From Porn To Pop Music: An Unlikely Transition


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While adult entertainers are prevalent in the public eye there’s still a heavy stigma attached to them–especially those from the porn industry. Naturally, the transition from that arena  into the “normal” entertainment arena is very challenging for those actors and actresses. Despite being, you know, human and having a multitude of interests that extend beyond steamy xxx scenes, they are still viewed as freaks (no pun intended) and sex maniacs, by larger society. Thankfully, the non-prudes of the world have the ability to view these actors and actresses for what they are; people. As such, these supporters serve as the core fan-base of said individuals who wish to successfully transition from pornography into other creative professions like music. However, it takes a lot of convincing the general public of their worth to earn a musical artist’s most coveted title: pop singer.   Continue reading “From Porn To Pop Music: An Unlikely Transition”

Quotes To Live By For The New Year From Your Fav Social Media Darlings


When one thinks of a motivational speaker, he or she most-likely thinks of individuals like a nerdy TED Talks speaker or a buttoned-up real estate agent who goes on tour to promote his self-help book. On the other hand, multi-millionaire celebrities also come to mind, such as Oprah or Richard Branson, who are some of the most respected public figures of our time (plus they give fire speeches, duh). However, there’s a crop of motivational speakers on the rise and they’re not who you would expect–okay, that’s not really their official job title but they do drop serious gems worth jotting down as personal reminders for success in the new year. As the first official week of 2017 rolls in, here are 7 kick-ass quotes, that will motivate to you to achieve your goals, from these celebs-turned-social media darlings:  Continue reading “Quotes To Live By For The New Year From Your Fav Social Media Darlings”

How the VMAs Inspires Us To Bust Our Asses For What We Want


It’s been a while since anything MTV-related (or any music video channel for that matter) has been the go-to for music consumption these days but the channel proved, last night, that it is still a powerful force in media. It is a platform through which iconic moments in musical history have gone down and continue to, as we have witnessed for pretty much most of our millennial lives. This isn’t an ode to MTV though—it’s about the iconic moments from last night’s VMAs that inspires us to do better and work harder for what we want in life. Continue reading “How the VMAs Inspires Us To Bust Our Asses For What We Want”

The Challenge of Separating Art from the Artist

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Between the rape case returning to haunt actor Nate Parker and Kodak Black’s derogatory lyrics aimed at dark-skinned women in a song posted on Instagram, one is left to wonder–is it possible to separate an artist from his or her craft when deciding to support them? Continue reading “The Challenge of Separating Art from the Artist”