Experiencing The Outer Space That Was Built For You


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Science has always been an integral part of human society and continues to be the foundation of progress. And while, for centuries, it has been associated with stereotypical nerdy white men (think Bill Nye or Ben Stein), that isn’t the case anymore. “Hidden Figures”, for example, dismantles this image by showcasing the revolutionary African American women who contributed to placing man on the moon–a historic triumph for the human race. Even more heart-warming is that the box-office-hit film was co-produced by Pharrell Williams who utilized his love affair with science to contribute to this important story. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Drake is currently performing in front giant projections of Pluto and Mars. Both artists bring forth a fresh perspective on science to a new audience–something that we desperately needed for a long time–and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Continue reading “Experiencing The Outer Space That Was Built For You”


The Hidden Lesson Behind Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collection


Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

17 years ago, cult skate brand Supreme received a cease and desist order from Louis Vuitton for using a rendition of their signature monogram print on some decks. In 2017, they drop a sick joint-collection that is sure to go down in collaboration history. It felt surreal to witness on live stream, as I can vividly remember many trips to their small Soho boutique during the mid to late 2000s when streetwear culture truly began to take off. My, have the tables turned. Continue reading “The Hidden Lesson Behind Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collection”

Honey, I Shrunk My Purse


By guest contributor, Ebony Iman Alexander

As a self-proclaimed foreseer of fashion trends and a meticulous observer of life’s “whys”, I’ve found larger meaning in the miniaturizing of woman’s lifelong assistant; the purse. These compact statements are catching fire among industry influencers and celebrities alike as oversized totes take a seat on ice. Continue reading “Honey, I Shrunk My Purse”

What Future Trends Will Be According To Some of Millennials’ 50 Favorite Brands


Goldman Sachs released a study revealing the top 50 brands that millennial girls and women love the most. For the study, they collaborated with Teen Vogue to select a group of young women between 13 and 29 years old to find out which companies they are loyal to. As one of the largest generations in history, according to the financial company, millennials as a whole are shifting modern culture with our values, our taste and our tech savvy.

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How Demna Gvasalia’s Victory as BOF’s Person of the Year over Virgil Abloh Reeks Cultural Bias


This week, Business Of Fashion announced their person of the year for 2016; the controversial designer, Demna Gvasalia. As the face behind cult fashion brand Vetements (pronounced “Vet-mohn” which means “clothing” in French), as well as the creative director for Balenciaga, his designs appeal to the modern “hypebeast.” It’s clear to see why, as it represents the current wave of urban-influenced trends with its rendition of street classics from down coats to bomber jackets with a luxurious twist. However, his victory as a streetwear-meets-luxury innovator over Off-White designer, Virgil Abloh, who has done so for much longer and in a much better way, reveals one thing and one thing only–cultural bias.   Continue reading “How Demna Gvasalia’s Victory as BOF’s Person of the Year over Virgil Abloh Reeks Cultural Bias”

How IG Baddie Culture Birthed a Profitable Fashion Niche


Image Credit: Babes and Felines

Women of social media notoriety, whether it be for their good looks or striking fashion sense, have been capitalizing off their influence to create affordable clothing for fellow women who can’t seem to find the right fit for their body types. From solid one-pieces made of soft cotton that hug the curves to tummy-control biker shorts and high-waist denim jeans cut at the perfect length, these “IG baddies” are carving out a profitable niche of their own.
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