The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses


Disclaimer, if you’re a prude then simply fall back from this post. Wait, actually don’t because there’s something in it for everyone. So here it goes.

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece (scroll down to read) about one of my favorite online personalities who transitioned from adult entertainer to singer. In that piece, I touched on how porn actresses are the black sheep of society despite being the go-to people that men–and many women–depend on for rated-r entertainment. I mean really, the difference between us and them is that they’re getting paid to fulfill urges on a film set while we’re doing it for free…in the crib…or in a hotel jacuzzi…no judgements though. Do you know how much confidence that takes though? A whole damn lot.  Continue reading “The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses”


Quotes To Live By For The New Year From Your Fav Social Media Darlings


When one thinks of a motivational speaker, he or she most-likely thinks of individuals like a nerdy TED Talks speaker or a buttoned-up real estate agent who goes on tour to promote his self-help book. On the other hand, multi-millionaire celebrities also come to mind, such as Oprah or Richard Branson, who are some of the most respected public figures of our time (plus they give fire speeches, duh). However, there’s a crop of motivational speakers on the rise and they’re not who you would expect–okay, that’s not really their official job title but they do drop serious gems worth jotting down as personal reminders for success in the new year. As the first official week of 2017 rolls in, here are 7 kick-ass quotes, that will motivate to you to achieve your goals, from these celebs-turned-social media darlings:  Continue reading “Quotes To Live By For The New Year From Your Fav Social Media Darlings”

It Pays to Be Yo’self

EJ Johnson

Photo Credit: E! Online

There’s nothing quite as oppressive as hiding your true self. Many people do this unconsciously because society has programmed us to believe who we should and who we shouldn’t be. In turn, they impose these beliefs on others who don’t fall in line with what is expected of them. Meanwhile, the ones imposing their beliefs are miserable themselves; they never say what they want to say, they don’t wear what they want to wear, and they don’t be who they want to be. That is no way to live. Continue reading “It Pays to Be Yo’self”