How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever


Photo credit: FENTYLOOK

Fenty Beauty is important. Very important. And, this is not a bias statement because I’m a die-hard fan of the Bajan queen herself. I say this because her new collection embodies inclusivity and cultural diversity which will impact the beauty industry forever. I mean, here’s Rihanna, a mega pop-star using her influence to create change in the world of makeup–a world that typically ignores women who come in a variety of rich skin tones–by making something of quality for everyone to enjoy. It’s especially a triumph for Black and brown women who are often offered a tiny selection, if any, of products to use. Although there’s been years of protest about this issue, barely any strides have been made to improve it. Continue reading “How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever”


How the VMAs Inspires Us To Bust Our Asses For What We Want


It’s been a while since anything MTV-related (or any music video channel for that matter) has been the go-to for music consumption these days but the channel proved, last night, that it is still a powerful force in media. It is a platform through which iconic moments in musical history have gone down and continue to, as we have witnessed for pretty much most of our millennial lives. This isn’t an ode to MTV though—it’s about the iconic moments from last night’s VMAs that inspires us to do better and work harder for what we want in life. Continue reading “How the VMAs Inspires Us To Bust Our Asses For What We Want”

5 Trends Rihanna Resurrected at the iHeartRadio Music Awards


Photo Credit: Rihannanavyordie

It’s been clear for a while now that Rihanna doesn’t care what we think. The Bajan superstar does and wears whatever the heck she wants. This was more than apparent at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night.

Performing her new single “BBHMM” or “B***h Better Have My Money” for the first time on television, Rihanna wowed viewers in another head-turning getup. Continue reading “5 Trends Rihanna Resurrected at the iHeartRadio Music Awards”