The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses


Disclaimer, if you’re a prude then simply fall back from this post. Wait, actually don’t because there’s something in it for everyone. So here it goes.

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece (scroll down to read) about one of my favorite online personalities who transitioned from adult entertainer to singer. In that piece, I touched on how porn actresses are the black sheep of society despite being the go-to people that men–and many women–depend on for rated-r entertainment. I mean really, the difference between us and them is that they’re getting paid to fulfill urges on a film set while we’re doing it for free…in the crib…or in a hotel jacuzzi…no judgements though. Do you know how much confidence that takes though? A whole damn lot.  Continue reading “The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses”


From Porn To Pop Music: An Unlikely Transition


Photo Credit: Raylin Joy

While adult entertainers are prevalent in the public eye there’s still a heavy stigma attached to them–especially those from the porn industry. Naturally, the transition from that arena  into the “normal” entertainment arena is very challenging for those actors and actresses. Despite being, you know, human and having a multitude of interests that extend beyond steamy xxx scenes, they are still viewed as freaks (no pun intended) and sex maniacs, by larger society. Thankfully, the non-prudes of the world have the ability to view these actors and actresses for what they are; people. As such, these supporters serve as the core fan-base of said individuals who wish to successfully transition from pornography into other creative professions like music. However, it takes a lot of convincing the general public of their worth to earn a musical artist’s most coveted title: pop singer.   Continue reading “From Porn To Pop Music: An Unlikely Transition”