Why Women Need Cooler Tech Accessories…Now


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Take a stroll into your nearest electronics store and you’ll be sure to find a ton of options that fit your steeze like sleek iPhone 7 cases and portable chargers in a variety of colorways. There’s nothing aesthetically fitting that you can’t find—if you’re a guy of course. This disappointing reality hit me like a ton of bricks when I traveled the seven seas in search for a pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones that are feminine, stylish and functional. All I could find were bulky renditions in dark shades that were too large or too heavy for a style-conscious young woman on the go. After wandering through the aisles of Best Buy, B&H, P.C. Richard, and Target’s tech section I realized that finding the complete opposite is much harder than I thought…and than it should be. Continue reading “Why Women Need Cooler Tech Accessories…Now”


Virtual Reality: The New Wave of Content


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Originally written in 2015.

The New York Times’ Virtual Reality  series is a watershed moment in journalism for various reasons. The first, is that it gives news consumers a first-hand account of an important event. This is ground-breaking because we are now able to be “present” while news is being reported without actually being there. Continue reading “Virtual Reality: The New Wave of Content”

How Twitter’s Latest Feature Shows The Diminishing Of Internet Privacy


With the usage of social media apps at an all-time high, it’s easy to assume that privacy is the last thing our minds. After all, these applications allow users to share their lives and perspectives with complete strangers. However, most people actually enjoy a level of confidentiality. If that weren’t the case, options such as filtering who can view your feed as well as blocking undesirable accounts from contacting you on apps wouldn’t exist. The most obvious reason of all, is that we carefully select what we share with others in this sphere–we’re only human.  Yet, outlets such as Twitter  are increasingly adding features that make it difficult to maintain privacy. Continue reading “How Twitter’s Latest Feature Shows The Diminishing Of Internet Privacy”