How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever


Photo credit: FENTYLOOK

Fenty Beauty is important. Very important. And, this is not a bias statement because I’m a die-hard fan of the Bajan queen herself. I say this because her new collection embodies inclusivity and cultural diversity which will impact the beauty industry forever. I mean, here’s Rihanna, a mega pop-star using her influence to create change in the world of makeup–a world that typically ignores women who come in a variety of rich skin tones–by making something of quality for everyone to enjoy. It’s especially a triumph for Black and brown women who are often offered a tiny selection, if any, of products to use. Although there’s been years of protest about this issue, barely any strides have been made to improve it. Continue reading “How Fenty Beauty Will Change The Beauty Industry Forever”


The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses


Disclaimer, if you’re a prude then simply fall back from this post. Wait, actually don’t because there’s something in it for everyone. So here it goes.

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece (scroll down to read) about one of my favorite online personalities who transitioned from adult entertainer to singer. In that piece, I touched on how porn actresses are the black sheep of society despite being the go-to people that men–and many women–depend on for rated-r entertainment. I mean really, the difference between us and them is that they’re getting paid to fulfill urges on a film set while we’re doing it for free…in the crib…or in a hotel jacuzzi…no judgements though. Do you know how much confidence that takes though? A whole damn lot.  Continue reading “The Three Keys To Confidence from Adult Actresses”

Why Women Need Cooler Tech Accessories…Now


Photo credit: Beats by Dre

Take a stroll into your nearest electronics store and you’ll be sure to find a ton of options that fit your steeze like sleek iPhone 7 cases and portable chargers in a variety of colorways. There’s nothing aesthetically fitting that you can’t find—if you’re a guy of course. This disappointing reality hit me like a ton of bricks when I traveled the seven seas in search for a pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones that are feminine, stylish and functional. All I could find were bulky renditions in dark shades that were too large or too heavy for a style-conscious young woman on the go. After wandering through the aisles of Best Buy, B&H, P.C. Richard, and Target’s tech section I realized that finding the complete opposite is much harder than I thought…and than it should be. Continue reading “Why Women Need Cooler Tech Accessories…Now”

Rebelling Against Labels Through Art


By guest contributor, Nyanza D

The seemingly endless amount of labels that society forces upon an individual is extremely taxing on the soul. These labels invoke a sense of confusion that’s hard to shake once a person has fallen victim to the imaginary rulebook they come with. But, there’s a silver lining in all this. The good shit also known as art, which has historically been used as a form of protest, is then born. What would our world be without it? A few simple terms can be used to describe such thing: boring, yawn, wack, dry, a drag, a dub–you get the picture. A digital artist who enjoys challenging those societal labels shares how they empower her to simply keep creating.
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Honey, I Shrunk My Purse


By guest contributor, Ebony Iman Alexander

As a self-proclaimed foreseer of fashion trends and a meticulous observer of life’s “whys”, I’ve found larger meaning in the miniaturizing of woman’s lifelong assistant; the purse. These compact statements are catching fire among industry influencers and celebrities alike as oversized totes take a seat on ice. Continue reading “Honey, I Shrunk My Purse”

What Future Trends Will Be According To Some of Millennials’ 50 Favorite Brands


Goldman Sachs released a study revealing the top 50 brands that millennial girls and women love the most. For the study, they collaborated with Teen Vogue to select a group of young women between 13 and 29 years old to find out which companies they are loyal to. As one of the largest generations in history, according to the financial company, millennials as a whole are shifting modern culture with our values, our taste and our tech savvy.

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How Misogyny Nearly Killed Kehlani


Social media had a field day yesterday, when a photo of r&b newbie Kehlani kicking it with her ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR appeared on his Instagram page with the caption, “After all her shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed.” Continue reading “How Misogyny Nearly Killed Kehlani”